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Do you love cocktails and always wondered how to prepare them?
FineStrainCocktailCo organizes fun live and online cocktail workshops for individuals, groups, and corporate team-building outings.

Our instructors will share their years of experience with you and teach you the art of preparing cocktails through approaching different types of techniques and keeping in mind sustainability, by reducing waste in cocktails.

Workshop Format:

  • Tips & tricks on how to use in-house simple and professional equipment for cocktail preparation.

  • Techniques and insights on how to prepare homemade syrups for cocktails and how to create delicious cocktails with fewer ingredients available in-house. 

  • Flair session: You might not be familiar with this term, but this is the moment you will see how Tom Cruise rocks the bar in the movie Cocktail. Our professional bartender will host a short demonstration for you.

Once you've mastered the basic principles of mixing you can finally impress your friends and family with amazing cocktails!     

Cocktail arrangements 

Our workshops are hosted in several locations in Amsterdam. Depending on the number of participants we will advise for the best location (extra fees apply).

Do you want to host the workshop at your desired location in Netherlands or Belgium? This option is always possible 


 Option 1 

60 minutes session with 2 standard cocktails + 1 Alcohol free

     29,50 euro 

Option 2 

90 minutes session with 3 regular cocktails + 1 Alcohol free 

    36,50 euro 

 Option 3 

60  minutes session including with 2 alcohol free cocktails 

19,50 euro

For all our options are supply a basic shaker free of charge

Minimum participants: 8

Delivery Cost online option 5,50 euro

All price are excluding 21% Vat

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Online Workshop  

Our Online cocktail workshop is the perfect match for all the special occasions with your colleagues, friends, or family. This workshop will be hosted on a live stream via Zoom or other meeting platforms. 

Workshop Format:
You will receive a cocktail package ( options 1-3)delivered at your doorstep with all necessary ingredients for two or three cocktails, all you need are the following basic kitchen items and ingredients:

* Cutting board 
* Kitchen knife 
* Ice cubes 



Do you wish to have your own professional cocktail set for the workshop and future cocktail creations? We’ve got you covered, you may add a professional cocktail set gear to your cocktail box.






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