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Bottled Cocktails 

Our cocktail story is centered around the love and passion for the craft of mixing drinks. We bottled our best modern twists of classic cocktails in order to give everyone the chance to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail

whenever and wherever.

Small batch bottled cocktails 
The cocktails we create are done in small batches, allowing the greatest attention and care to go into every bottle. We create our cocktails on demand in order to deliver the best quality fresh cocktails to enjoy in your special moments.

Minimum order 

Multiple servings bottle with 5 cocktails: 24,50 euro

Delivery cost 5,50

All prices are inclusive VAT

Our pre-batched bottled cocktails  

Are you looking for a perfect cocktail to celebrate a special day without the struggle of ordering all ingredients? Here is our menu:

All our bottled cocktails assortment are delivered in

one  or multiple servings bottles 

Cocktail Menu

Smoked Old Fashioned

Orange&Spiced Negroni

Vanilla & Rosemary Collins 

Pink Margarita 

Whiskey Sour 

PornStar Martini  


Borrel Package

 Borrel packages are the perfect match for online

and live events.

 All borrel boxes could be personalized with different snacks and different size bottles ( 1 single serve  of 5 servings bottles)

Standard options 

Option 1 

 Reypenaer cheese tasting, bruschetta, peanuts &

2 single-serve cocktails

21,50 euro

Option 2

 Reypenaer cheese tasting, bruschetta, peanuts & 5 servings

cocktail bottle.

36,50 euro

Personalized Bottles  

 Personalize your bottled cocktails with your own name/company logo and a special message on the bottle label for your friends and colleagues.

Price per bottle 8,50 euro

Minimum order required

Single-serve bottle 150ml: 50

Multiple servings bottle 500ml: 25


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